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CrossFit Santry (formally known as Functional Strength and Fitness) is a Dublin based gym and training facility comprised of a group of young coaches eager to learn and change the direction of Irish CrossFit for the better.

There are no gimmicks in our approach to fitness and health. Having come from the commercial fitness industry we constantly strive to improve our training standards, always educating ourselves in the latest techniques and training philosophies. We learn from the best so we can deliver the best.

F.S.F was founded by Gary Shields in 2015.



We try to keep our philosophy extremely simple at CrossFit Santry and stick to 2 main themes. We live by the mantra ‘forever a student’.

We do our best to use the models of best practice presented by the people we believe to be the best in the world and always strive to remain humble and hungry in this fast-changing industry.

The second theme we like to use is a health and fitness is for everyone approach. It is fantastic that so many coaches/trainers these days are seeking out knowledge and becoming more highly skilled.

. . .

However, as a population we are seeing increasing levels of physical inactivity, increasing numbers of overweight/obese individuals and more people making poor nutritional choices which leads us to believe that in some ways the industry is failing those most in need.

We recognize that need by adopting a health and fitness approach for all policy. That means no matter what your goal is; fat loss, strength training or just for fun we can cater to everyone.


Why not take a free class on us so you can see for yourself how good we really are. With options ranging from 3-days per week to 1-2-1 sessions we have a training and fitness solution for you.